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About OrthoMart



OrthoMart is a leading provider of healthcare data management, analytics, decision support tools, and related information technology solutions focused on the DME, Pharmacy and Orthotic & Prosthetic markets. 

Our solutions offer our clients numerous benefits; reduce claim costs, increase client revenues, and increase patient satisfaction.

OrthoMart Value

We offer a broad range of solutions offering many benefits for our clients.  Our solutions provide measurable results, and not just talk – impacting our clients’ bottom lines.

We have a vast client base across the country, serving a diverse mix of clients ranging from physician practices (Spine & Orthopaedic), Professional Sports Teams, Distributors, and Medical Device Companies.  We have created specific solutions for each segment based on years of claim analysis, experience, and expertise.

Solutions Overview

DMEManager™ Our physician application.  Offers our clients a wide range of reimbursement applications and services.

CompSmart™ Our work comp application.  Offers our clients an innovative work comp reimbursement solution.

DMEAudit.com™ Offers our clients proprietary analytical claims data and services helping our customer manage their business.

RepriceMart.com™ offers our clients a wide range of savings and reimbursement services.





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